Artillery shells of WWII found in school yard in western Ukraine

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Royal Gun Salutes

The present invention relates to a method for increasing the firing range of air-defence and artillery shells of the type which for reasons concerning firing technology have a rear surface which is at right angles to the shell axis, i. The invention also includes a design of air-defence and artillery shells that corresponds with the said method.

It is well known that the rear surface that is at right angles to the axis of the shell while being desirable at firing, has an adverse affect on the shell in the case of long-range firing due to the airflow along the rear edge of the shell causing turbulence which in its turn results in low pressure and drag to the rear of the shell thus limiting the maximum range of the shell. The base-bleed technique has been much used in recent years to increase the range of air-defence and artillery shells without having to increase muzzle velocity and thereby the size of the propellant charge to a level which the gun in question would not withstand.

The base-bleed technique is based on allowing gas to flow out from the rear surface of the shell preferably during the release of heat, and the flow rate of the gas in such a case shall be at a level that enables the gas flow to eliminate most of the low pressure and the drag caused. Although the base-bleed device is similar to a supplementary rocket motor with its propellant loaded interior chamber and its central flow outlet, its function is totally different from that used in shells which are fitted with supplementary rocket motors known as sustainers to increase firing range.

Radiocarbon Dating Shell, Coral, and CaCO3. Information. Information. As 40, is the coral bay coast dating shells. Vintage amino2 brass artillery shells shotgun.

Artillery played an important role in many battles during the Civil War, and reflected how advances in technology could fundamentally change how wars and battles are fought. Please consider these quick facts about artillery to expand your knowledge and think more deeply about the role technology can play in changing history. While relatively mobile compared to siege or naval guns, field artillery pieces were still incredibly heavy. The guns, therefore, could fire further and much more accurately than the older style of smoothbore cannon.

Caisson carriages, which carried extra black powder, were also prone to explode if hit by an enemy shell, as one Confederate gunner who fought at Gettysburg attests. This quickly triggered a Union response, and the two sides fired on each other for over 90 minutes. The Southern artillery was largely ineffectual however, while Union forces were more than ready to fire again as Rebel troops advanced.

One of the stranger developments in artillery was the use of hot-air balloons as viewing platforms that could communicate with artillery teams via flag signals and allow them to hit targets they could not actually see. This is a form of fire we have termed indirect fire.

cutaway artillery shell

It’s used as a doorstop. And they call it a shell because at the top we have the fuse hole. Recently, there have been a couple of accidents from trying to disarm the pieces manually. The shell itself is made of cast iron. The top part and the middle body is iron. This is what they call a lead sabot, or sabot.

A rusting artillery shell lies in a field near Verdun, France. German mm artillery shells dating from the First World War that were never.

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WWII bomb found on Saint Petersburg runway: airport

Toronto Police have called in the bomb squad, after a homeowner near Yonge and Steeles found an artillery shell buried in his backyard. The bomb hasn’t gone off, but police have cleared out several homes in the area to be on the safe side. The bomb squad is currently consulting with members of the military, and will likely take the shell away, where it will be detonated.

Rheinmetall has reported new distance records for artillery projectiles during a test fire event at the Alkantpan Test Range in South Africa.

The ammunition pictured in the article was used by the United States unless otherwise noted. A complete round of artillery ammunition, with the exception of blank ammunition, always consists of a projectile, propellant, and a primer. The propellant can either be blackpowder or smokeless powder in the form of cylindrical grains of various sizes. The propellant is packed into a shell casing or a combustible bag a powder bag.

Depending on how the propellant is loaded into the gun with the projectile, artillery ammunition is classified into four groups: fixed, semi-fixed, separated, and separate loading. With separated ammunition, the shell casing is not attached to the projectile at all. Normally, the shell casing for separated ammunition is closed with a plug to protect the propellant and assist with pushing the projectile into the chamber of the gun.

Multiple homes evacuated after an artillery shell is found in a Toronto yard

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The subways protected them from shelling and permitted the wounded to be By the time the infantry set out, a million artillery shells had battered the Germans.

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Brighton Park Resident Uncovers WWII Artillery Shell While Digging in Backyard

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A shell is a payload-carrying projectile that, as opposed to shot, contains an explosive or other Shells are usually large-caliber projectiles fired by artillery, combat vehicles (including tanks), and warships. A hoard of several hundred ceramic grenades dated to the 17th century was discovered during building works in.

Boston, Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Cartrid e-. Cases for Artillery-Shells, of which the ollowing is a specification. Herctofore it has been the practice to make these cases of sheet brass which are formed into shape by successive drawing operations and which are then machined to size, thus involving a considerable expenditure of labor besides requirin a relatively expensive material whichis a so subject to considerable expansion with changes in temperature.

It is the object of the present invention to produce a charge-container or cartridge cas- 1ng for artillery shells which shall be free from the principal objections and short-comings heretofore experienced in this class of articles. To this end the invention comprises essentially a cartridge casing. This and other features of the invention will be more articularly’ explained hereinafterdand de ned in the claims hereto annexe In the accompanying drawings I have’ the requisite taper to t guns of larger caliher,.

For these and other reasons, the expensive and laboriously made brass shells form the only cartridge cases for artillery shells heretofore used. I have discovered that it is possible to pro-. This tubing is made over a cylindrical mandrel in the usual manner but of a uni- Patented July 10, It is’especially important’that the laminated fiber be made extremely hard and dense and-that before the drying process the tubing shall be subjected to along and therough soaking to eliminate as much as possible all free chemical agents or acids, after which it is subjected to a thorough drying.

When the tube is thoroughly dry, the exterior is then turned down 1n a lathe in order to fit the bore of the gun.

Ww1 British Brass Artillery Shells Dated 1915 – a Pair

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KIEV, Sept. 18 (Xinhua) — More than artillery shells dating back to the World War II have been found in a school yard in Ternopil in western.

Royal Gun Salutes mark special royal occasions. On these days salutes are fired from locations in London and other authorised stations in the United Kingdom and the Union flag is hoisted on government buildings. The number of rounds fired in a Royal Gun Salute depends on the place and occasion. The basic salute is 21 rounds. Gun salutes are usually fired at midday unless otherwise stated below. Salutes are not fired on Sundays, so if the date falls on a Sunday, the salute will take place the next day.

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One at the start at am, and one at the end at am.

US965809A – Shell for artillery. – Google Patents

CodiWilson Contact. Police say they were called to the area of Steeles Avenue and Whitman Street, near Bayview Avenue, shortly before 11 a. According to police, the shell may belong to the Canadian military and experts from Canadian Forces Base Borden are headed to the scene.

Time expired explosives are generally incinerated. Explosives are flammable, and in the case of the relatively insensitive bulk filling of things like artillery shells​.

Shell , variously, an artillery projectile, a cartridge case, or a shotgun cartridge. The artillery shell was in use by the 15th century, at first as a simple container for metal or stone shot, which was dispersed by the bursting of the container after leaving the gun. Explosive shells came into use in the 16th century or perhaps even earlier.

These were hollow cast-iron balls filled with gunpowder and called bombs. A crude fuse was employed, consisting of a short tube, filled with a slow-burning powder, driven into a hole through the wall of the bomb. Until the 18th century such shells were used only in high-angle fire e. In the 19th century, shells were adopted for direct-fire artillery, notably in the form of shrapnel q. Modern high-explosive artillery shells consist of a shell casing, a propelling charge , and a bursting charge; the propelling charge is ignited by a primer at the base of the shell, and the bursting charge by a fuse in the nose.

An armour-piercing shell has a hollow pointed nose to act as windshield and a heavy, blunt armour-piercing cap and steel core, with the bursting charge located in the base of the projectile. In some high-velocity types, a tungsten carbide core is used. Steel has generally supplanted brass for cartridge cases. In rifle, pistol, and machine-gun ammunition, the word shell usually signifies the casing, ordinarily of brass, that contains the propulsive charge and in which the bullet is seated at the neck, with the primer in an open cup at the opposite end.

In shotgun ammunition, however, the shell is the entire cartridge, including shot, powder, primer, and case.

Slow Motion – 155 mm M982 Excalibur Guided Artillery Shell Live Fire