Astrology in the Age of Uncertainty

This is the damn 21 st century, and horoscopes should be delivered as such. This is a feat managed in detail by Co-Star Personalized Astrology. To start, once you have freshly downloaded the app which is available for Android as well as iOS , you will be prompted to hand over a few crumbs of personal detail about yourself. Not to worry, though — it will not ask for anywhere near the amount of detail being scraped by Google and other conglomerate companies daily. As for the efficacy or reliability of predicting and providing advice on your daily life based on these relative positions of objects in space, this is not for me to judge. This, coupled with the fact that some of the daily push notifications are extremely close to the nose, makes it a fun experience even if you are a massive sceptic. No, this app goes into a supreme amount of detail, and it does so based on a more comprehensive reading of the positions of a wide variety of planetary bodies at your moment of birth. So, we do not just have a basic, sun-centric reading of your horoscope here.

17 Best Astrology & Horoscope Apps In 2020

StarCrossed is the first astrology dating app! Compare birth charts, daily horoscope, compatibility and personality reports! Learn more about yourself, and the person you want to connect with! Users are ranked from based on how compatible they are. We examine how the planets from both charts interact, and from that we can tell whether two people are likely to fall in love, be bitter enemies, or fall somewhere in between.

The Astrology Dating App. StarCrossed. Learn More. Astrology is becoming a part of everyday life, so where better to meet people, and learn more, than right on.

ZodiLuv has compatibility scores with descriptions, daily horoscopes, in depth birth chart interpretations, facial recognition software, concierge service, chat, and live video chat. ZodiLuv will guide you to Follow the Signs to your Soulmate. Our unique algorithm incorporates many aspects of eastern and western astrology as well as numerology, to give you a free compatibility score for all your Zodi Matches. ZodiLuv believes that everyone is perfect the way they are, and wants to match you with someone who can love and accept you for who you are.

Along with discovering more about your potential matches, you can also delve into your own personal birth chart. ZodiLuv is free to download and use. Additionally, we offer multiple subscription levels with enhanced features. SUN LEVEL – Includes No Ads, access to your personalized birth chart, the ability to change your location, push notifications, 3 love wishes, unlimited questing choosing from other users , star ratings with all the other users, chat, and 50 points included with subscription per month.

SOLAR SYSTEM LEVEL – Facial Recognition preferences, Questing preferences to filter the users shown on your Zodi Quest, ability to Check-In to locations, no Ads, access to your personalized birth chart, the ability to change your location, push notifications, 5 love wishes, unlimited questing choosing from other users , star ratings with all the other users, chat, and points included with subscription per month.

If user is in free trial period and purchases a subscription to any publication before the end date, then unused portion of free trial will be forfeited. App has some bugs that need to be worked out. Decent platform and functionality.

11 Apps Every Astrology Enthusiast Needs On Their Phone

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. In a white-walled, cement-floored room on the sixth floor of an office building in Chinatown, a handful of young content creators and engineers gather each day to put thousands of years of astrological knowledge into an algorithm.

Nebula: Horoscope by GM UNICORN CORPORATION LIMITED earned $k in estimated monthly revenue and was downloaded k times An astrology app that can help to solve your problems. Worldwide Release Date: 04/28/

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Your wait is over as AstroPod Match is the first app that checks the synastry between you even before swiping right. Your personal birth charts are matched not just the zodiac compatibility, to find the synastry between you and your date nearby. You can now meet, check compatibility, swipe and chat with your dates near you.

With the special matchmaking algorithm which is queer-friendly, you can now check the compatibility and find dates if you are straight, gay or lesbian.

Rising Signs

Popular with queer users thanks to a “no straight people” feature, NUiT presents you with singles‘ astrological info and lets you compare birth charts. After that, the app presents users with potential matches. The app has also earned plenty of praise from queer users and not just because we tend to be more into astrology than your average bear. You can list your gender as male, female or nonbinary, with more self-identification options on the way.

Other than romance (which we have confirmed is dead, save for dating apps), astrology is the closest thing we have to magic. Whether or not.

Getting out of bed every day, every person wonders what awaits him today. It can be a meeting with friends, an unexpected gift or the most usual boring day. Instead, a horoscope can do it for you! Reading a horoscope is a popular part of the morning routine of many people. Horoscopes are especially interesting to people who want to know a little more about their personal life. Maybe a single girl today can meet the love of her life? Or maybe you should pay a little more attention to your other half?

In order to check it out, just look through a love horoscope — in case there will be a hint!

Nebula: Horoscope & Astrology

The dating app Bumble has a new feature that allows you to filter matches based on their zodiac sign. According to Tech Crunch , the idea behind the new filter seems to be as follows: “Remember that horrible Virgo ex of yours? Well, now you never have to deal with another Virgo again by simply filtering them out! Another way of looking at it would be to say that people should choose their dates by signs.

The Best Dating App for Your Zodiac Sign · Aries: The League · Taurus: Ship · Gemini: Plenty of Fish · Cancer: Happn · Leo: Bumble · Virgo: OkCupid.

Its sleek design is easy to use, and its forecasts have been accurate—and entertaining—enough to get the app a cult following. Though the company is just two years old, it has already garnered 5. Guler, a year-old Texan turned New Yorker, first came up with the idea for the app after she gifted a pregnant friend an astrological chart for her baby that became a surprise hit among her friends. She then partnered with two of her coworkers at the fashion label and content hub VFiles, Anna Kopp and Ben Weitzman, to launch the app in October Besides the daily horoscopes that appear on many websites, a range of new beauty products and other goods cater to the personalized needs of a proud benevolent Leo or intentionally indecisive Libra.

Whether you believe in it or not, astrology seems more visible than ever. Daily prayer or weekly services are not my idea of spiritual guidance.

Inside the astrology dating app with a feature queer users love

Helen Grossman and Aliza Kelly Faragher, two best friends since college, were at a Korean spa in Los Angeles one day complaining about boys. Later, they continued the conversation at a Korean restaurant and began commiserating over their dissatisfaction with existing dating apps. We wanted to know about compatibility and a place where we could start a real conversation before spending time with these bozos,” says Aliza. So they came up with an idea for an app that would provide a more holistic approach to finding another half.

Through a magical algorithm and a mystical starry purple interface, matches are presented to users in accordance with their astrological compatibility.

Align is the next generation of “What’s Your Sign?” Astrology Dating, now available in Los Angeles.

Our mission is to give both fans of astrology, and those who want to learn more about it, a safe space to interact with the community. Our algorithm rates users on compatibility, creating matches in the stars! Ranks users based on their Astrological Compatibility to your Birth Chart. Find out which of the 5 categories you and your match are compatible in.

Get your personalized daily horoscope right on your main profile. Get a Synastry Analysis, or full Birth Chart reading from our team of astrologers. In addition to your physical Birth Chart, you can read about each of your planets! Read an in depth analysis of your personality based on where the planets were at your birth. Very unique idea and meshes really well! The lay out is extremely aesthetically pleasing and the colors fit nicely.

My only complaint is I wish more people knew about it! I definitely recommend. Sign up to be the first to know about our events. Coming soon to a city near you!

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