Extra Mustard’s Monday Night Raw Recap: WWE treads water as Night of Champions approaches

The first third-generation female wrestler in the world, Neidhart is a member of the Hart wrestling family through her mother. In and , she worked for the Matrats promotion, before debuting for Stampede Wrestling in In and , she wrestled abroad in both England and Japan. She debuted on the main roster in April , allying herself with Victoria. The following year she began managing her husband again, and they were joined by Smith to form The Hart Dynasty. Since July , Neidhart has been featured as a main cast member of the reality television series Total Divas.

Getting a grip: SummerSlam lineup set, WWE suspends two stars

Joseanne Offerman has become one of the most recognizable voices on WWE TV over the past few years, after transitioning from NXT ring announcer to fill the empty spot left after Lilian left the company late last year. She has managed to go from being relatively unknown back in , to being one of the best-known females in the company. Sadly this path didn’t work out for her and instead WWE offered her the chance of a lifetime when they realised that she had a suitable voice.

Since the youngster has gone through many changes, many different relationships, and a few minor setbacks, but she has reached a point where she is happy with her place in the company. There was a lot of speculation online a few months ago when a SmackDown graphic stated that Eva Marie won the Diva Search, as to whether or not it actually happened.

Well, it kind of did.

AJ Lee and Eva Marie gave us our regular Divas match of the week, but in the night, pitching Randy Orton and Seamus against each other.

Born and raised in Rosedale, Maryland, a community within Baltimore County, Maryland, Keibler studied ballet, jazz dance and tap dance at a dance school nearby in Dundalk. She later became one of the cheerleaders for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, being the youngest of the group. Stacy also attended Towson University while earning near-perfect grades in Mass communication.

Initially a Nitro Girl, she soon became a valet using the provocative stage name Miss Hancock originally supposed to have been Miss Handcock , briefly serving as an associate for the tag team of Lenny Lane and Lodi dubbed “Standards and Practices”. Despite wearing business suits, her character would often climb on top of tables and dance for the announcers’ and fans’ approval. After the team “fired” her, she went on to become the manager for Los Fabulosos, a Latin American tag team consisting of Silver King and El Dandy , leading them to their first major victories within WCW.

For a brief period, she began to date David Flair , who was already involved in a faux relationship with Daffney. That led to a battle with her at the Bash at the Beach in a Wedding Gown Match, which she lost, after she, as well as David Flair and the referee, were left in the ring in their underwear.

Stacy Keibler

Why would he be having doubts? I am not insane, so I know not to expect a different outcome from the same thing happening over and over again. You have three hours every week. You could stretch out characters in all sorts of unique, interesting ways! But no, we get an autopilot rationing like this.

Rumors are all over the internet suggesting that Randy Orton might be leaving the WWE News: Charlotte Flair Dating Her Fellow Smackdown Superstar 5 Eva Marie was famous in the WWE’s female division for her actions outside the ring.

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10 WWE Divas who dated multiple WWE Superstars

Trish Stratus has remained non-controversial offscreenPro Wrestling is a glamorous sport. With a number of charismatic men and women working for a promotion and the large amount of time spent together due to the hectic schedule, it is not uncommon for romances to develop within the roster. While there are people like Mick Foley who have been faithfully married to their non-wrestling partners, there are guys like CM Punk who have dated multiple WWE divas before finally settling down.

Arguably, the most sought after Diva of all time, Trish Stratus married her high school sweetheart in after fourteen years of faithful relationship. This list, however, takes a look at those Divas who dated multiple superstars within the WWE.

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And with the passage of time, it became one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. Currently, it is the biggest promotional wrestling company. As of now, it holds more than events a year. The show covers a staggering 36 million viewers in more than countries. But unlike the usual wrestling events, the WWE are purely entertainment-based.

However, the scripted fights do not undermine the dangers involved in the show. The fighters often suffer fatal injuries while pulling off scarcely-believable stunts. The fact that the fights are not legitimate was first publicly acknowledged by WWE’s owner Vince McMahon in to avoid taxes from athletic commissions.

Wrestling News

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Hulkkkk, happy birthday to youuuuuuuu. He also did a little rap which was actually quite good, the crowd tried to hide it but they were impressed. Our first match of the night saw Roman Reigns face an opponent that the Authority, or actually Corporate Kane – who seems to be back as Director of Operations – had picked, Ryback and Curtis Axel.

It was the fallout between Randy Orton and Show and the setup of John Cena Eva Marie plays a heel on Divas (yes, “plays”; the show is incredibly contrived and In WWE lore, we know that Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are dating because.

With the great reception that the reality program of the E! But it precisely focuses on the Diva rookie Jo jo. Within WWE there are speculations that Randy Orton and Jo Jo are the couple in question, although at the moment everything has been denied, many people have seen them holding hands. This could mean that Orton and Jo Jo would be the big revelation for the next season. It all started with a photo that was taken last weekend of WWE Summerslam where both of them are very happy.

As everyone already knows Randy Orton is divorced and is 33 years old unlike Jo Jo is 19 years old. Pedophile predator Randy Orton. It would look bad, too much age difference. I want to think that this will be part of the show but if it is true we are no one to judge the truth there would be no future for her she is too young for him but I only hope that it is only to promote jojo’s career. Although the truth seems to me more like a media show for Orton to relax from the turn heel that now has something serious.

True, Although the truth is already years past since he is 33 years old And all the current divas are very young, The truth is that I do not see a future for this “Couple”.

WWE Smackdown Live Results 8/09/16

I own no one in this one-shot. I’ll leave you to it! Well, if you analyze their relationship, you wouldn’t exactly call it love. Many would call her Randy Orton’s mistress or lover. They weren’t necessarily dating.

Natalya, Eva Marie and Alexa Bliss Banks, Rusev, The Miz and The New Day all walk away as champions, Randy Orton defeats The Beast.

Top 5 Knockouts of all time 5. Madison Rayne 4. Leticia 3. So Cal Val 2. Angelina Love 1. Lacey Von Erich. Nidia 4. Candice Michelle 3.

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Bill Apter may have gotten the biggest interview in wrestling history. Yes, Maxel Hardy was interviewed Rey Mysterio recently spoke with The Huffington Post to talk about various topics and more.

Photos: WWE Divas Show Off Their Christmas Sweaters: Eva Marie, Kaitlyn, #​WWE #wwedivas #wwecouples #wwewags #boyfriend #girlfriend #dating.

The shows are messy, too long and incredibly inconsistent. Do WWE writers just not care? Are they lazy? Or do they not respect the intelligence of their own fanbase? Wrestling has a very loyal, passionate following, but WWE continually disrespects the fans’ ability to follow a story. Characters on other shows don’t just disappear, turn bad guy to good for no reason or ask you to pay money for content you’ve already seen for free.

While WWE has never fully had its act together, it’s becoming mind-numbingly difficult to make sense of its stories these days. Here are five examples of WWE not respecting your intelligence. After a series of tag matches against The Shield, fans started to latch onto him. After a string of pay-per-view screwjobs, Bryan was pushed out of the spotlight in favor of The Big Show.

WWE Network: Unfiltered with Renee Young – “Randy Orton” preview