Inside a Hamptons Sex Party for the Elite

Shagging my boyfriend against the wall of a candlelit room, in an expensive-looking London penthouse, I become mildly distracted by a strange tickling sensation by my ankle. I nod, as she continues to kiss and caress my feet. It tickles, and I twitch slightly, bumping into the couple standing beside us who are engaging in some particularly energetic sex. They notice my vertiginous Prada heels, and suggest I lean against their arms for support. It turns out to be an excellent suggestion, as I am now afforded a better view across the room. We escape to the cloakrooms to change into more appropriate clothing, before heading home to continue our fun in private. Yet I am constantly surprised by the different types of people I encounter on my continuing journey of sexual exploration. Here I met a widower in his late 70s wearing platform stilettos and pink frilly knickers who was happy to just dance the night away; an attractive man in his thirties who lay on the floor requesting that ladies in heels walked upon the doormat strapped to his back; and a wife with her cross-dressing husband, who was thrilled to be somewhere where he could pursue his fantasy of having strangers pinch his nipples. Indeed, most people attending sex parties simply enjoy the liberation of being in a place where nothing seems taboo.

A night inside the sex club hosted by Kate Middleton’s pal

Since being set up to run London-based sex parties back in , Killing Kittens now has , online members. If you haven’t heard of it, it calls its events the world’s most “exclusive, decadent and hedonistic”. Sign up to be a member and you will be vetted before being asked to create a profile on the site.

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By Dana Schuster. Four of us crammed into a teeny, tiny elevator. A tall, handsome, besuited man with wavy dark locks and a something Asian girl I presumed to be his girlfriend smiled at my male friend and me. We were on our way up to the sold-out Killing Kittens sex party. I think we’re going to sell out again!!! The house rules, which were emailed out in advance, are simple: Men must not approach women, men must not talk to women unless invited , men must wait to be invited, no means no — and only the kittens can break the rules.

A woman in thigh-high leather boots and a black miniskirt checked in patrons before they headed up to the fourth-floor, where the or so guests were greeted with a glass of bubbly after the Champagne reception, patrons could purchase drinks from a cash bar. The loft was split into two rooms — one of which was dimly lit and outfitted with two black-sheeted beds pushed together with a spectator ring of couches and chairs.

Condoms filled two Nat Sherman wooden cigar boxes. As for the crowd, it was. There were dapper men sporting well-cut suits and pocket squares a handful were in tuxedos. There was a young lady in a white silk blouse and knee-length leather skirt; another wore a floral, preppy sundress with a Chanel bag.

What it’s like to be in an exclusive female-centred sex party club

It’s notorious and exclusive. It’s hedonistic and secretive. It’s supposed to provide attendees with a “safe but sexually-charged space” to engage in their fantasies. And there’s something oddly sinister and twisted about its name – almost as though someone’s having a joke at your expense but you arrived late to the party so you’re not really sure what, exactly, is all that funny. In short, it has all the makings of those underground sex parties you see in pornos but that you had assumed went out disco, chest hair and roller derby though chest hair is making a comeback.

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Whether you’re into swinging, watching or just shagging strangers, your first orgy is guaranteed to be an eye-opener. How do you know what to expect from an orgy? Apart from that, though, what does anyone know about how orgies work? It is with this childlike curiosity, this open mind, that I show up to the most recent Killing Kittens party. Appropriately, Killing Kittens is all about the women — the men are essentially props, penises to dress the set.

They must wait to be invited. It is a nightspot normally frequented by gay men looking for, shall we say, discreet encounters. Chaise longues line the walls — covered in black faux leather that is unlikely to show stains and will be easily hosed down — and bowls of condoms are placed prominently. The air is perfumed with the aroma of cleaning fluid and lube. Porn loops on TVs above the bar and pretty much anywhere you look.

Killing Kittens & Spiking Libidos: the Notorious Party for the “Sexual Elite”

By Erica Tempesta For Dailymail. Over the past 15 years, the founder of the company has expanded her brand to cities around the world, and she plans on launching her hedonistic parties in Cape Town this fall. When people walk into a Killing Kittens sex party, there are few things they can count on: a luxurious location, guests in masks, and nondisclosure agreements to protect its high-flying members — but that doesn’t mean there aren’t awkward run-ins between colleagues and even family members.

He literally quickly hurried out,’ Emma told DailyMail. There’s kind of an initial awkwardness and then they’re laughing,’ she explained.

I Went To An Upscale NYC Sex Party And All I Got Was Depressed Masked politicians and their tall brunette dates. Only the “kittens” can break the rules. Best Of Thought Catalog Journalism Killing Kittens Love & Sex Sex who ever so desperately want to feel a part of some sort of social elite. It’s the.

From the very dawn of the world wide web, the internet has been used for sex – and not just the pornographic kind. Whether lusting after a one-night stand or looking for true love, it didn’t take long for people to cotton onto the concept of going online to arrange offline liaisons. But lately, with adultery-arranging site Ashley Madison hacked and ‘swipe-right-to-like’ app Tinder accused of commoditising dating, companies in the business of arranging encounters have been thrust, excuse the pun, into the spotlight.

Is the industry facing a backlash of inch proportions or merely ripples of discomfort from society getting used to more liberal ways of living? It’s mid-afternoon on a Friday and a dozen or so people are active on Heaven Social, the decidedly retro think Facebook’s first iteration social network of Heaven Circle, a two-and-a-half-year-old company that throws ‘elite’ sex parties. A couple of chat boxes pop up.

Dangerous liaisons: A peep into the illicit world of adult dating sites

My Saturday night began with me trying, and failing, to work my magic on a number of beauties at a high-brow sex party. Under the circumstances, any normal person would have exited prematurely with their dignity still intact — but giving up never was part of my character. I’d roped in a female friend who was up for the party, agreeing that once inside we would go our separate ways.

After popping into a nearby bar to knock back a couple of beverages for Dutch courage, we decide to make our way to the party. We get off somewhere near the top of the luxury penthouse and are greeted by a rather burly looking doorman, accompanied by Jordie, the Killing Kittens North Hostess.

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Dine with founder of Killing Kittens at Sex Tech dinner: succeeding in the adult industry

It was a warm, late June evening in the Hamptons, sky turning pink and orange at the horizon, and I was at that moment sitting in white La Perla underwear in an outdoor Jacuzzi with my friend Carol and three couples whom we had met hours earlier. The topic then eliciting much concern in the hot tub: that nobody was having sex at the sex party. We’d been at the party, run by the London-based company Killing Kittens, which boasts its members-only events are for “the world’s sexual elite,” for going on five hours.

More than just a host of sex parties, Killing Kittens calls itself “a movement and community whose sole aim is the unwavering pursuit of female sexual pleasure. On this particular Saturday night, Killing Kittens, which last year expanded to New York and Toronto, was making its grand Hamptons debut.

Emma Sayle explains how she founded Killing Kittens as a place for elite casual dating, why Alpha Males have the biggest problems with her feminocentric sex.

Killing Kittens’ sex parties for “the world’s sexual elite” have hit Australian shores, but how do the locals measure up? This is not your average, good old Australian BBQ. The premise of the parties, which would surely raise a few eyebrows, is that women “make and and break all the rules”. They have been taking place on a smaller scale with up to 30 participants in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth since as organisers “get an idea of who is on the scene”.

But the event in April, to be held in an undisclosed Darling Harbour location, will hold up to 80 guests. So far 30 people have signed up to attend, but Sayle explained: “It has only been promoted through word of mouth so far and, anyway, with the nature of these parties you don’t need to hit full capacity. Sayle, who describes herself as an “old-school romantic”, first launched Killing Kittens to the promiscuous, high-flying, AB demographic in because she felt that regular sex parties accommodated to men’s pleasure only.

Emma Sayle, founder of Killing Kittens — sex parties for high fliers.

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